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The list of day to day activities and lifestyle habits damaging your skin are a lot. that you can avoid and how to stop them. thaats what we are learning today.

but before that, the biggest mistake is not knowing your skin type, if you don’t, take the skincare quiz. You also need to know when you need to change your skincare routine, there are some signs your skin gives you. ignoring them is a big mistake.

Everyone wants clear skin. And all of us have tried our possible best to get it. Wasting money on an expensive product, trying disgusting recipes all to no avail, or just that moment when it starts getting clear, we go back to square one.

p.s here’s a secret formula to get glowing skin in 2-minutes, especially when you have somewhere to go and need to look fab.

common things that make us break out

Sometimes its hormones, sometimes it’s that time of the month, or weather changes, or stress or an allergy. But what of those times that it’s not. Those days it’s us. We do things to our skin that it doesn’t like, and we might not know it, and when we do know it, we realize they are stupid and can be stopped.

There are things we do daily that affect us in one way or the other. Everything you do does, and whether it’s positive or negative it’s all up to you. Some may seem harmless but are not.

 Some of the habits I’m going to mention are universal but others are not, I recommend you sit down to try to recount every insignificant thing you do then sit down and think about them.

If they are bad, stop them, I know stopping habits are really hard except if you replace them with something else. So I will have skincare habits to stop and other habits you could adopt.

Skincare mistakes that damage your skin

•    Popping pimples: I honestly don’t know why people do this, some love it, but honestly for me, I have always hated touching wounds and causing pain to myself, so maybe if you consider the harm, you will be able to stop it.

•    Skipping sunscreen: sis, just coz you’re black or it’s not summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sunscreen. Prevention is better than cure.

•    Ignoring your face and neck and only concentrating on your face: your neck and shoulders show your age, not your face.

•    Smoking: whatever happens on the inside reflects on your outside.

•    Too much sugar consumption disrupts your balance system and makes your glands act all crazy.

•    Bad eating habits

•    Overconsumption of diary: dairy has high fat and it’s one of the major causes of acne

•    Using any kind of product that is not necessary for your skin type

•    Not knowing your skin type

•    Using dirty makeup brushes and applying bacteria to your face

•    Using expired makeup—expired chemicals on your skin sound worse and that’s what it is.

•    Over-exfoliating removes all protective layers of skin

•    Touching your face transfers germs and dirt from your hand to your face

•    Sleeping on dirty pillows

•    Using too much hair products affect your forehead and hairline that’s why you have pimples and acne in those areas

•    Sleeping with makeup

•    Not exercising

•    Not getting enough sleep

•    Not washing your face in the morning and night

•    Applying products in the wrong order messes up the combination of products

•    Stress

•    Neglecting eye area.

•    Popping zits and boils

•    Removing blackheads

•    Tanning—chemical tanning

•    Overloading of products

•    Washing your face too much dries out your face

•    Using too many acids and chemicals

•    Dragging products on your skin

•    Not moisturizing

•    Not showering often

•    Over cleansing

•    Sticking to a product

•    Using chemical products

good skincare habits for clear skin

•    Applying sunscreen regularly

•    Use serums to target skin concerns

•    Take vitamin supplements to replenish your cells and get glowy

•    Reapply sunscreen every few hours

•    Washing makeup brushes regularly—I wash after every two uses at least if I’m doing full makeup.

•    Washing your face before going to bed

•    Use products for your skin type only

•    Know your skin type and how to care for it

•    Avoid bad all habits

•    Have a good diet and healthy lifestyle

•    Exercise frequently

•    Be happy—happiness radiates beauty

•    Drink water

•    Use moisturizers

•    Use anti-aging products

•    Use face masks—who doesn’t love facemasks

•    Get enough sleep depending on your age and body needs

•    Meditate to release all tension and stress

•    Do yoga

•    Dry brush your skin

•    Use retinol

•    Go to the spa

•    Visit your dermatologist regularly

•    Don’t touch your face

•    Change your pillowcases daily

•    Visit the spa occasionally

•    Have pampered days at least every two weeks

•    Love your skin no matter what

You are perfect even with acne. Don’t use makeup to cover it up, it mostly makes it worse. Try these tips for a week and I’m sure you’ll see changes. Be consistent, don’t forget. Don’t start and stop. It should be your lifestyle. Take care of your skin. It’s going to be with you for a long time

As I said before, check your habits and make sure to spot every bad one before it gets you. I hope you’ve spotted at least ten and are willing to make a change. Changes are hard but the easy way is to replace them.

Take caution when doing that though, do it one habit at a time, if you want to do it all at once you will fail. I don’t want to use that word but that’s how it is.  Start with one habit and move to the next, like that, like that.

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