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First month blogging traffic report: Jan/2019

Blog traffic report: 1st month

January first marked my first-day blogging and February 1st  my 1st  month blogging was completed. I have been waiting for it honestly. Tired of saying I just started a blog a few days back. Well not actually tired, more of excited to reach a benchmark, establish something. And so I waited till it happened.

I wanted to publish this immediately the new month started but something happened, something bad. So I was trying to find out what wen twrong so as to tell you, so you’ll take note if it happens with you.

first month blogging traffic report

Why am i writing a trafffic report?

I also wanted to write a traffic report because I love reading them. Traffic and income reports both.

long before I started blogging, when I should have been concentrating on something, probably more on setting up, I searched the internet for those reports because they made me feel so good, so motivated. Especially first-month traffic reports, just so I predict the possible goals for me to reach.

for the most part blogging is a passion turned business, if you have a passion, turn it into one and you’ll have a happier work life.

 A few days back, while i was reading this income report, it dawned on me that I was past my first month. The realization that I should look further settled, and since second month traffic reports don’t sound too exiting and well looking into another bench mark like my 3rd or 6th month blogging I started reading those, changing and adjusting my goals and all.

The same thing happened after I started my blog, ‘how to start a blog’ posts didn’t apply to me anymore, I will be the one writing the next one. It’s a little bit sad but then it’s because I’m making progress, to move forward, we have to leave something behind, and it’s that progress I’m documenting.

Another reason for me to publish this is because, if I loved reading them and I know everyone does, they are really fun and I don’t know why, but ifyou’re reading this then you probably know why. It also marks how far I’ve come, if I lose track myself then all I will have to do is come back here.

January goals & traffic report

So before I reveal how much traffic I’ve got, I want you to know that I had low expectations.

Not because I didn’t believe that I was capable of it but because January was examination months in my school. I decided to just post content then promote it February when I’ll be on break, well obviously I couldn’t stay away so I used Pinterest to promote and sometimes posted automatically to Facebook, even though my Facebook is trash. No friends since,who uses Facebook anyway? Well me in the next few months. And in preparation for that I joined about 12 Facebook groups, I’ve not been active at all, butI’m taking things one thing at a time.

Again, because exams got in the way, I didn’t publish as much as I wanted to. I published 11 articles and my goal was to publish 14. Not bad though, some people would say it’s even a lot but for me I wanted to keepmy readers engaged.

Despite all these I had a few goals

  • Reach 200 Pinterest followers—I finished the month with about 256
  • Reach 50k monthly viewers on Pinterest—I finished with 81k and reached 100k 3 days into February
  • I didn’t have goals for an email list because I had a problem setting up so I decided to leave it for February
  • I didn’t have social media goals apart from Pinterest either
  • My traffic goal was 1000, but when I didn’t get as much time to promote at the beginning of the month I took it down to 500. Not bad right. So ended the month with 886 page views
  • . 2 days later I hit 1000. Despite it being in February I took it as if I reached my goal.
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What went wrong my first month blogging?

A pin of mine went viral. 2 actually.

But that’s a great thing. Yeah it was. Theproblem was I didn’t even know it went viral, not until 6th of February. It went viral from 28th to 4th of February.

When I had that surge in traffic, I was happy but then I noticed something, my bounce rate increased, and the sessiondurations decreased drastically. From 1min 56 sec to 1 min and then 50sec then31 sec.

 I hated it and all the traffic was from my post ‘7 self-care books to read’ if I would have thought a pin would have gone viral, it wasn’t this, it  has great valuable content, a lot, but because I thought I didn’t do a lot with the SEO and not a lot of people were into self-care or books. Also it wasn’t my most promoted pin. I always said I would re-do the whole title but never had time, so I didn’t even know it went viral.

Two of my pins went viral

So I found out it was from Pinterest but couldn’t track until I went to people that repined my image. It had tonnes, honestly I thought I put the link somewhere by mistake but I didn’t.

If you look at it, it had 31k impressions

And as I said it’s not a post for everyone,maybe that’s why the bounce rate was high. But why did people click on it I they didn’t want to read it? Maybe they only read the book titles and not the notes under but I don’t know. or maybe the link had a problem or so, as i gathered it could have been showing pagenot found or something else, so, i have to fix that

By the way, I was really glad when it stopped bringing traffic, at least I’ll get a chance to see what my reads really want. And well, my bounce rate will go back up.

Lesson learned: I’ve always seemed posts on what do when your pin goes viral but never thought i’ll reach there this fast. Thats why i delayed this traffic report Now, all I have to do is learn what to do and figure out how it happened so I do it again.

Has anything like this happened to you? What did you do?

Pin for later!

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