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When buying skincare products or building your skincare routine, it often gets confusing and messy. You might end up buying unnecessary products or buying the wrong ones.

Which results to frustration and loss of money. But don’t give up yet. A lot of these advertised products are useless. Well, they have their use, but it’s not crucial.

You can live without them. Don’t just buy any new ‘magic’ formula for a problem the media created.

There are essential products, if you stick by them you don’tnecessarily have to get something else. Except maybe Products that target a skincare concern you may have.

You neglecting or replacing those products with trendy or Filler products will expose your skin to a lot of problems. If you are just getting into skincare, you are very lucky because I wish I knew some of these things, and if you’ve started this is a great way to look at your skin needs in a newway.

skincare products for beginners essentials

The first thing you have to do is to know your skin type, different skin types require different types of care. Some people stack a lot of products and love trying them out while others prefer to stick with the basics. The musts and it works fine, especially if you don’t want to spend that much money, everyone knows skincare is expensive.

So coming from dermatologists, aestheticians and anyone else who knows skincare, here are the skincare essentials.

To keep up with these products though, you need to know when you need to change your skincare routine otherwise they may mess up your skin.


Despite washing your face every morning, even though not everyone does it, your skin needs another clean. The first wash remove only surface impurity which will not get rid of those built up oils or makeup remains you may have. There are cleansers targeted to remove, left over dirt, makeup, oil etc. and you should get them especially because some soaps are aggressive on the skin, having a cleanser is your best option.

There are foaming cleanser thatact like washes and they are available for every skin type. Another option isgetting cleansers like miceller water and toners.


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the skin. Your skin is always shedding, and you leaving the skin cells will buildup and new skin concerns will start arising. Those excess layers prevent products from getting absorbed by your skin which will most likely not allow your products to work properly

Depending on your skin type. Choose an exfoliant and if your skin type allows it, use mild daily exfoliant daily. Even if you can’t, the least you should exfoliate is once a week. Thereare a lot of scrubs available and some you can do at home. Find what works foryou.

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Eye creams:

Especially for normal people whose skin tends to age quicker, use an eye cream to slow down the process. Concealer can’t cover your eyes forever. Your eye is a delicate are and something as little as stress can affect it. Everyone battles with dark circles and the earlier you prevent it the better. Whether it’s for anti-aging, dark circles, brightening or getting a youthful look invest in a good eye cream. I recommend checking out these eye creams that actually work.


Serums are key to targeting specific skin problems. They are highly concentrated fluids that penetrate deeply into your skin and deliver nutrients. There are tons of serums, chose a brand you trust and whether your need is brightening, glowing, treating hyperpigmentation or even acne.

Invest in a good one, they last long, a little goes a long way. And also, serums make other products absorb better into your skin.


 Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! With the amount of skin exposure and skin problems our skin faces, I don’t know how people skip this step. Sunscreens are the most essential skincare product. If you’re not going to care for your sin, at least protect it. Protection is always and easier than cure. I will stop here. By the way the sunscreen you should use should be at least of SPF 30+. If you are of darker complexion you should go for a higher SPF.

Face masks:

Once every week, even if just for fun grab a face mask and put it on your face, I think the relaxation it offers outweighs the skin benefits. It’s so lovely, especially if it smells like you can eat it. Get some Korean mask sheets, those are amazing, and if you have acne/oily skin a clay mask really helps. You don’t need a mask to fix a particular problem. Most increase the nutrients on your face. They increase hydration, antioxidants and rejuvenate the skin.


Moisturizing offers protection to your skin. It covers all the products you have put and increases moisture retention. Everyone should have a hydrating moisturizer in my opinion. If it’s too much hassle carry along a face mist, one with rose water and every time you feel your face getting dry, spray some on.

How to layer skincare products like a pro

Now that we have covered the essentials, layering themwrongly is another problem. So if you’ve picked out those products according toyour skin type let’s make you know how to layer like a pro

  1. Face wash
  2. Cleanser
  3. Daily defoliant
  4. Toner
  5. Treatment products
  6. Serums
  7. Eye cream
  8. Moisturizer
  9. Sunscreen

Extra tips for clear skin

  • Know your skin type
  • Know how to care and the guide lines for each skin type
  • After these applying each product, let your skin breathe.
  • Also before applying a product on another, let it finish getting absorbed first or you risk mixing them together which might not react well.
  • Note that: if you’re using chemical sunscreen it should go on before your moisturizer and if not after.
  • Also if you’re wearing makeup, use a makeup remover first to get rid of it.
  • Apply your foundation after the moisturizer/sunscreen gets absorbed completely. Using a foundation with sunscreen and moisturizing quality is an added bonus.
  • avoid the 15 skincare mistakes you probably do on a daily basis

want more on skincare essentials? read here.

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