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The one thing that helps me during times of anxiety, depression, burnout, low self-esteem, low motivation, numbness.

Basically, those times that mess with our mental health and gradually affect all our body parts and suck our strength. I call them energy vampires.

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Which ultimately make those times the most vulnerable times of our life. Because we don’t have the power to do anything (well that’s what we think), we feel helpless and hopeless and don’t want anyone to help us figure things out.

But that’s okay we are not alone. I know I am not alone. I have myself and that’s the biggest part of me.

What I did was to write a letter during a time of joy, strength, you know when my mental health is healthy.

That letter is all the comfort we need from people, all we need to hear but don’t allow anyone to tell them to us.

You can get my letter templates for all the 7 vulnerable times for free by signing up.

A letter to myself when i have anxiety

Dear Ilham,

It’s that time again, by now you should be feeling down, you are scared of how a lot of things could go wrong. You’re scared, you feel tight and you want to stop this feeling so bad.

But I want you to know that it’s okay, you’ll be okay, and you’re so strong.

Remember the last time you were in this position, a week ago you weren’t, and be next week you wouldn’t be.

A lot of things I’m saying might not make sense because you feel alone and helpless.

But I know how you are feeling, how we are feeling. But you have got mummy, daddy, your siblings, and all your friends all here for you.

 It’s okay if you might not feel it because you’ve put them at a distance, but they’ve always believed in you, and they still do. You just have to reach out.

And if you don’t want to reach out, pick up your blanket, a painkiller, you might have a headache. Lie down and read and if your eyes are too stressed to read, close them.

 You hate the light and open doors, I hope no one will touch them.

Don’t forget to drink your water.

When you wake up, you’ll feel better and clearer but that feeling will still not allow you to do what you actually want to do, it okay, don’t do it.

One thing you shouldn’t do though is to use your phone there’s a lot of negativity around

Also, don’t spend money, you may get your expenses all jumbled up and realize you don’t need them in the first place.

Try to take your mind off things, and cry if you need to, even if you don’t want to.

Just breathe right now, deep breaths. Everything will be okay.

I promise you.



And somehow, that promise always comes true.

This letter is tailored to how my anxiety affects me, what I’ve learned to work and what gets e through it.

You can and should write your own letter, better yet, add them to your self-care box and every time you are in a rut. Pick up and read them, let them hold your hand through it, when no one can.

One question though?

Do you think this is an effective self-care for mental health technique?

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If so, grab my free copy of the 7 self-care letters templates.

Share this and tell me what you think.

anxiety letter
A letter to myself when i have anxiety

Sharing is caring!

Ilham U.

Hey there!
My name is Ilham but you can call me Illey. I am the 18 year old blogger behind finding beautiful.

Finding beautiful is a platform where I write about beauty/health, Skincare, Selfcare, personal development and motivation. All things I love and care about.
They are parts of my life which when I payed attention to and practiced, helped me find me. the beautiful me. If you stick around, that's what I want to do, help you find your beautiful. For any girl, out there, young or old. To be the boss lady you wanna be, to unleash those dreams and achieve all those goals.

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