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10 skincare tips

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On a previous post, we’ve discussed all the terrible habits you do daily that damage your skin especially bad skincare habits you may be addicted to. To recap, click here, to read that post.

Whether you’re just starting a skincare routine, you’re trying to fix damaged skin, the healthy habits will reset your skin and you’ll have flawless skin in no time.

Best Skincare Habits

good skincare habits

•    Applying sunscreen regularly

•    Use serums to target skin concerns

•    Take vitamin supplements to replenish your cells and get glowy

•    Reapply sunscreen every few hours

•    Washing makeup brushes regularly—I wash after every two uses at least if I’m doing full makeup.

•    Washing your face before going to bed

•    Use products for your skin type only

•    Know your skin type and how to care for it

•    Avoid bad all habits

•    Have a good diet and healthy lifestyle

•    Exercise frequently

•    Be happy—happiness radiates beauty

•    Drink water

•    Use moisturizers

•    Use anti-aging products

•    Use face masks—who doesn’t love facemasks

•    Get enough sleep depending on your age and body needs

•    Meditate to release all tension and stress

•    Do yoga

•    Dry brush your skin

•    Use retinol

•    Go to the spa

•    Visit your dermatologist regularly

flawless skin tips

•    Don’t touch your face

•    Change your pillowcases daily

•    Visit the spa occasionally

•    Have pampered days at least every two weeks

•    Love your skin no matter what

You are perfect even with acne. Don’t use makeup to cover it up, it mostly makes it worse. Try these tips for a week and I’m sure you’ll see changes.

Be consistent, don’t forget. Don’t start and stop. It should be your lifestyle. Take care of your skin. It’s going to be with you for a long time.

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