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How to achieve your life goals

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How to set goals and successfully achieve your goals whether its making more money, getting a job, losing weight, whatever it is.

I believe we all have room for improvement andwe should strive to improve in every aspect of our lives. Good is good, butgood gets old.

Every decision we make should be towards makingus better people. A great time to do that is New Year’s. New days, new month,New Year, new you. I don’t think new years should be the only time to makeresolutions but I get that that time is really motivating and then the euphoriaand excitement gets to us. But if that is what it takes to improve then I’lltake it.

how to achieve your goals

We should, however, have daily resolutions, the decision to be better, do better the next day, the next week and month. Having things we want to achieve is also great. Apart from educational, career, beauty goals. We should have characters we should adopt from people we look up to. If you’re not improving then you are declining as a person. You can’t stay in one position it doesn’t work like that.

If you’re reading this then you definitelyalready have goals or resolutions. Things you want to stop doing or things tostart doing. Whether it be a kinder person, paying debts. On time, going toschool on time, mending a broken relationship, whatever. The same rules apply.Except for some minor details which apply to everyone’s resolutionsdifferently.

The key to crushingyour goals are:

1.    Intention:

you have to decide for yourself, no one should tell you this. Take control of it. I hate not having control to the extent that if I want to do something and someone tells me to I have to take a moment and go over that intention, just to make sure it’s completely my decision.

What do you want to achieve? Own it and say it.If you want it then it’s yours. Besides, if you lose motivation, yourintention, the reason you start it, will always put you back on track.

2.    Determination:

you have to put your mind to it if you’re still indecisive about what you want you would not do it, especially when it’s hard. You have to want it badly. If you want it then you’re going to get it. It’s not enough to need it, desperation doesn’t solve a thing, and rather it makes you stay away from it. You have to know you will get it and put your mind to it.

3.    Motivation:

motivation is how strong your determination is, it’s the passion, the feeling it gives you, picture the end result. That feeling you get when you see the achievement, it makes you high and makes you believe you can conquer the world. By the way, motivational quotes are not the answer.

4.    Make a plan:

a goal doesn’t exist if it’s not written on paper. It’s true. if you write it down, it becomes real, it tells your brain, look at this, this thought was picked from all the others, your brain puts it in your mind and you’ll always be reminded of it. A plan is the steps you’re going to take to achieve that goal. It is the most important step. Think to yourself, if I had a map leading to what I want to achieve and if I do all that I will, what would it be? Draw that map and follow it.

5.    Do it one step at a time:

If you start something at once, you will hardly finish it. start with one step, once it’s mastered then go to the other one, it will become a habit and very hard to stop

6.    Be consistent:

do little of it every day even for a few minutes, just make sure you do it, even if you don’t feel like it.

how to achieve your goals

7.    Be accountable to someone:

if you’re doing something for yourself you can actually sick of it, but if you’re being accountable you will do it with more responsibility. You should have in mind though that the end result is for you, not them. It’s like a school. You’re studying for yourself but you are being accounted for by your teachers. Isn’t that the only reason we even go to school?

8.    Reward yourself:

if you do it reward yourself and punish yourself if you don’t. Give yourself time though, change is hard. You might not get it sometimes, don’t feel bad. Well, feel bad enough to want to make up for it, not bad enough to stop doing it. It should be hard and you will make mistakes just don’t get used to it.

9.    Be disciplined:

discipline is to do what you have to do when you have to do it, even if you don’t want to do it. Never let yourself procrastinate. Procrastination is the devil. I know resolutions are the best things to postpone. I’ll do it next month, then next year and it’ll be the same pattern. Know that you just have to take the first step.

10.    The best way to make a habit stick is to replace it with something:

If I want to stop doing something, I make myself hate it first, I look for all the bad sides and think about it till I feel disgusted by it. From there I usually get the willpower to change it, so I get something I like and replace it.

It takes 21 days to make a habit stick. You only have to do it for 3 weeks that’s all, consistently, if you fall out, start again, after 21 days, it will most likely become second nature.

My goals for theyear:

1.   Start a blog

2.   Build a beautiful and loyal following

3.   Reach a 100k monthly page views before the year runs out

4.   Collaborate with at least 5 bloggers

5.    Goto Skincare School and get a certificate

6.    Makea skincare training course

7.   Attend a product release

8.    Meetone of my best bloggers

9.   Exercise  more often

10.   Adopt a healthier lifestyle

11.   Earn a decent income from my blog

12.    Bea better person

13.   Drop 6 bad habits

14.   Adopt 6 good habits

15.   Inspire someone to make a significant change

16.   Start another blog

17.   Intern at an organization

18.    Get experience in sales and marketing

My goals can be grouped into differentcategories and they all have a time plan. Not all are listed below though.These are things I have been thinking about for long and I see myself achievingall of them.

They might seem much but they are not, most ofthem will happen as a result of achieving some goals so.

You can have fewer or more depending on your capabilities and you can add more if you wish. No goal is too little and too stupid. Remember, they are for you. And they should touch upon every aspect of your life; financial, physical, spiritual, health, mental, social, etc.

how to achieve your goals

Note: get a journal, diary or planner. Write thesethings down. Thank you.

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