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How to be happy: 8 simple tips

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How to be find happiness in yourself and live a happy life by implementing 8 simple steps, starting now.


Happiness is life. Happiness is a purpose. Happiness is thereason for which we should live our lives for. No matter what you do, no matterthe life you have, the riches, the women, the friends, the family, the men, thefood, achieving your biggest dreams. Not of them matter if you’re not happy.

Why else do we see the most successful people committingsuicide? They are not happy people. They decided to fill that unhappy hole withachievements, property and wealth. They don’t even want to think of themselves.And eventually, that small hole becomes bigger and eats them up. That’s whatsadness and depression do to you. Strive to be happy and every other thingcomes naturally. Everyone has a reason to be happy, but not enough reasons notto be.

If you don’t think you’re happy then there are things, experiences that obviously lead to it, so let’s do something about them first.

1.    Let go of the past:

this is the demon that steals most happiness, the past. People keep dwelling in the past and forget the present and the future. They don’t see happiness even if it’s right in front of them. Their unhappiness doesn’t just stop there, they spread it to people around them. Whenever they start feeling better it holds them back, it stops them from achieving. You can’t move forward unless you let go. Take responsibility for your life, you have control now. It is all up to you. The past is gone, you can only learn from it and strive not to repeat the same mistake.

2.    Learn to forgive:

forgiving people sets you free, not just them. You relieve your mind from dwelling on a small mistake that could develop into hate. Some people have the mentality to forgive people but not forget what happened. Well, you should forget, it shouldn’t be something you still think about or else you’ve not completely forgiven them. You should take caution in regards to what happened but don’t hold it against them. You’re basically handing your life to them, and blaming others for things that happen to you is not the way to go. Forgive and forget.

3.    Smile:

did you know that even when you’re in a bad mood when you fake a smile you feel better? Smiling makes you feel good, it makes people around you feel good and attracts beautiful things your way. Happy people always smile.

4.    Fake it till you make it:

you know how when you tell so much lies you start believing they are true, well whatever you dwell on, you will believe. And if people see you happy, they will reflect that happiness back to you. and whether you notice or not, you automatically become happy

5.    Believe you can:

some of us believe we don’t deserve happiness. That’s not true, everyone can be happy, as far as you set your mind to it. Believe you deserve happiness and never settle for less, you’ll attract good things your way. You’re you and you can be happy irrespective what happened. Don’t blame your mistakes or the people around you. You can only determine your happiness.

how to be happy

6.    Love yourself:

if you don’t love or appreciate yourself enough, you can’t find happiness. You will place happiness on things, and nothing lasts forever, not even your stuffed bear that has been with you for 20 years. Be happy with yourself, you are enough, you have to be contented, greed destroys happiness. Your happiness is you. Love yourself.

7.    Relationships:

your relationships shape who you are as a person. Every person you’ve met has impacted your life one way or another. Ditch the face friends, this is 2019, we have left all toxic people in 2018. Surround yourself with people that uplift you, people that are there for you. Love them and let them love you back. Build a relationship with yourself too, make sure you are a great friend to yourself.

8.    Start being happy:

you can’t place your happiness on something. Let me explain. You say I can only be happy if I lose that weigh, I can only be happy if he talks to me, I can only be happy if this, if that. You will realize after that happens that your happiness is short-lived and you seek for another reason to be happy, those reasons will keep piling up and will only lead you to a tunnel of disappointments and a depression spiral. So tell yourself that you’re enough, you’re happy, contended, and when those things happen, it’ll just be a bonus.

Start today, wake up and say I am very happy, I am happy, Ireflect happiness around me and get the same in return.

So train yourself, believe in yourself, spread happiness around you and let go of the past. Your happiness is right under your nose. And when you open your eyes to see it. You will.

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how to be happy

Remember, happiness is a lifestyle. happiness is you. happiness in now.

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