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How to find your passion: defining passion for success

How to find your passion and turn it into a successful business, no stress no boss.

Most of the things we do in life depend on our passion, you often hear it, because it’s true. So what is a passion?

Passion is the want, the need, the force that drives you todo things, and it all depends on what you like. You have a passion foreverything, that’s why you like it. all that’s left is how strong the passionis.

What we like affects every aspect of our decision making, be it good or bad. The biggest thing, however, where people want to discover their passion is their career. When asking yourself the question of what to do in this life you know it should be what you like. What you love. No one wants to be miserable. We all want to live our life happy. That’s the greatest accomplishment. Happiness

how to find your passion

Finding your passion depends on who you are as a person,your personality and how you connect with others. It’s who you are.  When you meet people it’s often asked, inAmerica what do you do? Whereas in England it’s where you do come from? And inNigeria, it’s who are you? Meaning your lineage, you have to be a somebody.That’s how everyone is.

The only question that taps into you as an individual isobviously what do you do? You say I’m a student, I’m an architect, and I’m adoctor. Well good for you, but that’s boring. People can see the lacksexcitement in you. Anyone can be that.

But then other people say things like I’m a chef, an artist,a musician. It may sound unprofessional but these are interesting people. Weknow we relate to them on a certain level. They are actually interestingpeople. They did what we want to because these professions are talents, theyare from within. And we couldn’t do that, that’s why we hate our conditionsbecause we did what society thinks we should do. Not what we want. Better yet,if they play their cards right they are actually successful and make tons ofmoney. Isn’t that what you want?

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how to turn your passion to a money making machine

Everyone has a thing but some don’t know how to handle it.Don’t worry because I’ll be here to help. So now how do you find that passionthat makes you YOU and uses it? Answer the following questions, write theanswers on a piece of paper as you go. You don’t have to think hard, just writefrom the heart.

1.     What excites you the most?

 The thing that makes your heart beat faster,something you can’t wait to do. No one has to tell you to it. Something youwon’t worry if you’re not being paid for because your payment is yourenjoyment. Look for your hobbies first, not talents and note them down.

2.    What makes you lose track oftime?

 What thing makes youoblivious to your surroundings, what do you plan to do for 30 minutes and thenend up doing it for 4 hours. Yes, it happens to us all. Then you just go “ohwell, I enjoyed it so. .‘, then you start panicking about the other “important”things you needed to do.

3.    What do you fear judgment on?

Your insecurity, the thing that you’re good at, you love it,it’s not bad but you wouldn’t like to share it because you don’t want people’scheap opinions to stop you from doing that. Note that.

4.    What do you spend your money on?

What is that thing that even if you’re broke you find a wayto get? You can spend any amount on it. Because it’s priceless to you. Is it apen and paper to write, art supplies, and makeup? Books? Whatever it is.

5.    Ask people:

 people around youobserve you. They know the little things that you ignore. Simply ask family orclose friends. What do you think I like? What do you think I’m good at? They’lldefinitely tell you some things like you like writing, drawing, stunts,dressing up.

 That kind of stuff. Those traits will help you connect the dots and with little thought and soulsearching you can find that hidden passion of yours.

6.    Practice it:

 practice and use it.Get better, make an art out of it. It’ll give you joy and no one will tellyou-you’re wasting time if you know what you’re doing.

7.    Use it:

 start your ownclothing line, your business, and your own museum, your blog, whatever it is.If your ready things will fall into place, you just have to start. And you’llmake it big, you’ll be interesting and you’ll make money from it.

So now use that confidence of your accomplishment and gorule the world.

I really hope this helps. It has helped me and I’m in theprocess of practicing. You might have even gotten to the point of using it.Thanks, tell me if this helps.

One of my passion turned business is this blog. I lovewriting and creating articles and stories in my head.

What about you? Have you turned any of your passions into business? What passion did you figure out you had?

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