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Do you want glowing skin?

I think your answer is yes.

Well then here is an Easy 2-minute morning routine to get glowing skin.

Who doesn’t love glowing skin? It makes one lookyouthful, young, healthy, beautiful, and I can go on and on. You know what I’m talking about that’s why you’re here. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with naturally glowing skin. But even those who do need a little boost once in a while because there are a lot of factors contributing to glowing skin.

There are a lot of procedures, products, andtips that can help but I’m talking about in that morning, that day you feellike going no-makeup or you want your make up to look better. You can havethat, and it always comes down to 2-minutes in the morning.

Before these two Minutes there a some things you have to do, and they are listed below. Without them well, you’ve got a hard chance of getting glowing skin and you’ll be wearing highlighter for the rest of your life. Do you want that?


Good. Now let’s get to it.

glowing skin

1.     Your Diet:

Yes, I know everyone says that but have you wondered why? Because you are what you eat. It’s your inside that reflects on your outside. All skin conditions aremostly caused by diet, health which is insides and then using wrong products and environments those are your outsides. If you don’t eat healthy, you will not have good skin.

I’m not saying never ever, some people have Great skin regardless of anything. But you need to stack up on fruits and veggies. Fruits more than veggies by the way. Those vitamins, minerals, water and a great mix of colors are major contributors to your skin. Switch your sodas for fresh juice and you’ll see a great change

2.      Your skin type:

One of the most confusing things ever is knowingyour skin type, because it changes and sometimes it’s a wrong diagnosis. But Trust me, if you know your skin type, you are already halfway there. From then-on all you need to know are products to use, how to eat and things to stay away from.

3.     Water:

Hydration, you know how great you feel when youare hydrated, it reflects on the outside. Being hydrated gives you supple soft and beautiful skin. Even with just water, you will look great. I am a water drinker so I take past the recommended amount daily but for you people who don’t, try to take at least half your weigh in ounces of water. Or keep a gallon and just make sure to finish it before bed. You can add herbs and flavour or lime to spice it up

4.     Exercise:

It doesn’t have to be much or extreme. What I-recommend planks. Planks and treadmills are the holy grails of exercise, well to me at least. They have worked wonders.

Choose even if it’s just one exercise And stick to it. Do it daily for 5-10 minutes. Consistency is key. And its great for your health, skin and mental wellbeing.

5.     Relax

Healthy people don’t look tired. It’s what makes Them look healthy. Avoid stress as much as you can, try to shut down every once in a while, meditate, lay down, and take your mind off things.

6.     Sleep:

Every beauty needs her beauty rest. My go to inthe mornings is to sleep well and drink water and I’m up and about lookinggood. You can wake up looking like a zombie and expect great skin. Zombies Don’t glow. They are ashy and dirty. Take a nap for 30 minutes in theafternoons if you don’t get enough sleep.

glowing skin

7.     Skincare Products:

Your skincare products have a lot to do with how your skin is. Take a day and review All your products, check if they are right for your ski and get rid of expired ones and filler products. There are basic products everyone should have. Check them out and stick to hem.

8.     Skincare routine:

How do you use your products? How do you apply them? The routine you follow might be hurting your skin. Check out what is right for your skin and strictly follow them.

These factors no matter how insignificant they look to you play a major role in how good you look. They won’t take much of your time. Besides if you really want it you will do all it takes,

how to get glowing skin
how to get glowing skin

The 2- minute ritual.

If you’ve done all the things above and you’rein a balanced position, then you’re good to go. This 2-minute ritual is just topop up your glow. These are to be done. In the morning or night if you’rewilling and after your morning routines.

1.    You have to exfoliate regularly. If your skin allows it you can exfoliate daily,not using any exfoliates. There are very mild exfoliates for daily use and myfavorite is the brightening face scrub by clean and clear. The smell, the scrubbing it feels so great and wakes me up. It definitely looks great too.Find one that works for you and stick with it.

2. Vitamin c serum: after exfoliating and cleansing your face. Pat dry and use a vitamin c serum. There are honestly the best for glowing skin, as I said those fruits. Invest in one, you don’t even Need to use a great quantity, a little goes a long way and a bottle lasts long.

3. Massage: after patting on your serum, massage your face in gentle circular motion. It gets the blood flowing and the color can make you look blushy and glowy

4. Use a hydrating moisturizer: I’m still stressing water and fruits. Hydrating creams bring back lost moisture to your skin and you will look really supple and healthy

5.    Use highlighters: highlighters are a great way to add a pop of glow to your face.Whether you’re wearing makeup or not.

6. Choice of foundations: use foundations that add a glow to your face. Bobby Brown cosmetics do a great job in that area. Find one that’s great for you and keep using it.

So whether you want to glow with or without makeup, these tips will make you look great if you stick to them. Really quick and easy.

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