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How to handle criticism like a GirlBoss

No.1 people don’t have to like you and you don’t have to care.

 Everyone can’t be wrong at the same time right? No matter who you are and what you do, people will question your morals, your motives and even who you are. That’s criticism, people will criticize what they don’t like about you and what you’re doing. And you don’t have to listen right?

 Right and wrong. Sometimes we have to listen because despite our beliefs we might be doing the right thing in a way that affects people negatively. The thing is we won’t know Who to listen too.

Criticism make us angry, makes us believe that we need todefend ourselves. Defending yourself when dealing with critic often comes outthe wrong way. So before we do anything, you have to know how to deal withcriticism, how to to deal with haters, the trolls, the people that feelthreatened that you’re making progress.  Youneed to master the art and deal with critics like a boss.

On your journey to being a girl boss and building yourempire, you face a lot of criticism and here is how to deal with it.

Understand why you’re doing what you’re doing:

If you know what you’re doing is right, know what you stand for, and believe in yourself and what the future holds, then all you have to do is to keep your stand, whatever they think doesn’t matter, when doing something great always remind yourself why you’re doing it, every day until it becomes automatic. Sometimes when people question our beliefs we tend to startdoubting ourselves because we forget our why. Know your why and stand by it.

Your worst critic is your inner critic

Before people start to criticizeyou and notice that you’re doing something great, there’s always that little Fear gnawing at your insides, preventing you from doing what you want to do,criticizing you. Until you learn to silence your inner critic, by strengthening your subconscious, then you can’t really deal with other people. The way to dothat is by strengthening your subconscious, feeding it affirmations and repeating step number 1.

Expect criticism:

 Before doing something great you need to haveit at the back of your mind that people will come at you. No great personbecame great without going through critics, when you’re prepared for it, it’ll be easier to ignore it or deal with it. Take it as a rite of passage. it’s something that will strengthen you, when you answer every why question about your journey because to yourself, it’ll be easier to tell your why to othersand it actually makes your belief of it stronger.

increase your self esteem and confidence

Are they right?

 Ask yourself, when there’s a lot of people criticising you, especially when it includes people you trust, take a step back,still keeping your why in mind and look at yourself objectively. It maybe your time to question your why. If there’s truth to what they aresaying, go back to where it started and fix it, then go on with your plan. It will strengthen you and make you a better person.

Understand their why?

Sometimes you need to put yourself in their shoes, see why they are doing it. Some people have mental disorder andyou can’t argue with that kind of person, put yourself in their shoes andunderstand where they are coming from. When you do you will know best how todeal with them. Whether it’s to redefine your message to them, perhaps they will understand or ignore them all together

Are they qualified to criticize you?

 Some people will criticise you because they don’t understand what you’re doing. Or they feel like they know it better than you do. They don’t see what you see, and until they can or are qualified in your field, don’t accept criticism from them.

Respond on your terms:

When someone criticizes you, youhave three options.

  • To respond which will most likely sound like a defence and will make you angry
  • take some time to process what it is and respond
  • Or ignore all together.
how to deal with criticism

The best options are 2 or three.There are people you will have to respond to, people who when you understand their why and redefine your message will understand and support you. Then thereare those that you will have to ignore, people who don’t know what they are talking about or people that are just haters. Depending on the conditions, take sometime think through it and act accordingly.

There is nothing wrong with you, criticism is a rite of passage you have to go through, if you deal with it the right way, then you moveforward, if you don’t, people will push you back and bully you until you forgetyour why and go back to square one.But that’s not an option for you because I know you are strong and will passthe test and be the best girl boss you can be.

If you’ve dealt with criticism before and you have morehelpful tips share them in the comments below. And make sure you share thisarticle with all your girl boss friends.

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