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How to find motivation & stay motivated

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How to motivate yourself, and stay motivated for long. including quotes and tips.

You know those things that only lift you up for a while andthen Bahm! You’re back to where you are? Yes. That’s a motivational quote. Theymake you feel like you can rule the world and every fear disappears untilreality comes back again.

There are ways to make those motivations last and it’s bylinking what your motivation is. Your motivation, of course, is your passion,your determination. So make a story and link it to that motivational quote.This is my story.

1.    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

                                           Shopping without looking at price tags:

This works for me in terms of career, it means success forme and well a good career pays well right? Even if its income from my blog. Isee great success. I know I will have to work for it. That image pumps me. I’mfeeling all giddy inside right now.

2.    The same boiling water that softens the potatoes hardens the egg:

This means that we go might go through the same experienceswith people and still turn out differently. It all depends on who we are andthe principles we hold. So don’t just be like everyone else while going throughsomething.

Following someone’s, footsteps are not the way to go. Justcoz it works for them and doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should stop.Your outcome, even if you go through something is better.  It only matters what you’ve become after, notwhat you went through. You decide for yourself whether to keep going or giveup.

3.    When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty He either teaches you to fly or catches you when you fall:

I’m a firm believer in God and I believe that with Hisguidance everything will be all right. Everything in this life is a test andwhen you’re going through difficulty He helps you in ways you never thoughtpossible, we call them miracles right? Or when you hit rock bottom, he showsyou how to lift yourself up and shows you a better way. If you can’t believe inyourself, believe in God, he has your whole life planned, so trust him, ask forthe best and let everything work out.

4.    The person you’re going to become will cost you people, friends, money and a lot. Choose her over everything:

This shows you to put yourself first, don’t bother about theopinion of others, you’re bound to lose people but it’s for the best. Somepeople are just going to hold you back, as you become better, they will try toguilt you into going back to where you once were. Leave the toxic peoplebehind, please.

5.    What if I fail?

                              What if you fly?

This shows you to try, you should not be scared of theoutcome, starting is everything, take that leap of faith. Success is a leap offaith, take that leap, the worst thing that can happen is for it not to happen.At least you learned something, you learned how not to do it. so always try.

6.    If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough:

I’m a dreamer, and the possibility of achieving what istermed impossible is what makes achieving it sweeter. Turn that fear intoexcitement and the possibilities are endless. Dream big.

7.    If you don’t like where you are, change it. You’re not a tree:

A tree is bound by its root and the decisions of those in the environment. But you’re not a tree you’re a free independent being if you don’t like where or who you are do something about it.

8.    You have to be a beginner before you can be anything else:

Don’t compare yourself to other people, or see other peoplessuccesses as easy, they all had to start from somewhere are so do you. Don’t bescared of being at the bottom. It’s that fear that’ll make you rise.

9.    If it’s still on your mind, it’s worth taking the risk:

Many times we try to ignore what we want, and try to findsomething else to fill the gap. When it resurfaces, it’s for a reason. Takethat chance, it may be your chance to fly.

10.    Everyone loves you until you become competition:

You know those friends that out of the blue turn to hatersand condemn everything for you, the ones that remind you of your insecurities.Know that it’s because they are scared of you now. Just let those people go.And go forward.

11.    Invest in your happiness:

Whatever your goal is, the bigger result should be yourhappiness. Nothing matters if it doesn’t make you happy. Be happy and spreadhappiness. You’ll be contented with what you have.

Always attach feelings and stories to what motivates you.

here are 100 motivational quotes for you.

motivational quotes and how to gain motivation

When those quotes don’t work, those stories will remind you why you started in the first place. What is your best quote? Comment down below.

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