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The Goal planning methods that changed my life

Whether you call it goal, planning, or goal setting. It’s the same thing. The shortest version means breaking down your dream to the steps you’ll use to achieve them.

You’ve probably heard that your goals don’t mean anything until they are turned into plans, and these plans are the guidelines, the roadmap to be followed to reach your goals.

If you don’t have a goal then you don’t have a purpose. Your purpose is your role in life. What you stand for, who you are and who you will like to be.

If you don’t have a goal then you don’t have a purpose. Your purpose is your role in life. What you stand for, who you are and who you will like to be. Click To Tweet

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That dream, that money, that thing you want to get or be in life is your goal. It’s good to have a lot of goals for the nearest future, a goal for tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. Some of Those goals would change as you experience different things and as your values change.

 There are some goals that will not happen and some will be replaced by better ones. Whatever the case may be, always have a specific goal, for a specific day, for a specific purpose.

Ultimately there are goals that will stay the same because you are still you. So it’s really important to write them down. All of them, the stupid ones and the important ones, half thought goals are also great, as you grow, you will be able to complete the picture.

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Goal Planning: Method 1

write goals

The best way to plan something is to write it.

If you really have something to achieve, something to write, something to remember, you should write it down.

I always have different memos and jotters in my bag just so any idea that comes to my head I write it down. Whether it’s for my book or for my blog, somewhere I want to go, someone I want to call or see, I write it down.

Planning your goals will make them clearer, open your mind to more ideas and make you more organized. Seeing them on paper also makes you more accountable.

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Another important thing is that it’ll help you remember. Even if you don’t look back at it, that writing down that you do acknowledges the fact that what you thought of was important, not one of the gazillion useless thoughts that run through your mind.

•    Write down the things you want to do or goals you want to achieve.

•     Add a date/time frame of the day you want to achieve that goal.

•    Write down the benefits you will reap from it and how they will make you feel

•    Add the reason you want to make that thing happen.

•    Write down affirmations. Things you read everyday anyone that suits your end goal, things you have to be in order to make that happen. ‘I am strong, I am confident, I am smart, I am rich’ whatever it is.

•    Give yourself enough space in-between to rest and recharge, for sometimes you will lose some motivation

•    Stick to those plans, work for them, they are worth your time and you are worthy of the success.

Goal Planning: Method two

goal planning

Another method that helps in achieving and goal planning is to draw your goal. This is most effective if you know what you want but don’t know how to get it.

•    Get a plain sheet of paper, a big one preferably because small papers tell your mind that the spaces for your ideas are small, so you only think about small things. When your mind is allowed to think beyond a small page, you are open to great solutions to your problem.

•    So what you do is you get a big plain sheet of paper. At one end draw where you are now and at the other end where you’d like to be. Your goal. You should have a wide space in the middle there draw three large arrows.

•    Then look at both drawings and think of things you’ll have to do to go there, compare the pictures and let your mind wander to fill those spaces in between. Write them as they come to your head, you can have more than three, just write down the three major ones in your arrows. You can then write the details and smaller steps in a normal let’s say journal and then you’ll have everything figured out all that will be left is you working towards it. And if you want it bad enough you will.

goal planing

Do this for a job, an exam, an adventure, career, weight loss, weight gain, state of mind, happiness, etc. whatever you want to achieve. Concentrate on both images, the solutions that will come to your mind will amaze. They are things that if you had sat down and just thought you wanted to do something, wouldn’t come to mind.

•    Remember to always have journals, be a hoarder like me. I’m just extra don’t mind me. So I really hope this helps you. It has helped me and others as well.

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•    Get a planner, whether it’s a printable or a book, those make things a lot easier and are more organized. When you’re more organized your mind is more open.

•    Keep a gratitude journal, especially in the same area as your planner. When you feel gratitude you feel happy, energized and motivated and that feeling will push you to achieve all your plans.

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Have an effective way of planning your goals? Comment them below.

Do you goal planning has helped you achieve your goals better?

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how to set your goals and plan them to you can achieve them
2 golden ways of goal planning that changed my life & it will change the way you achieve your goals

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