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10 skincare tips

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In a previous post, we talked about how important finding out what your skin type is. And hopefully, if you’ve read that article then you just need to find out what and what not to do for your skin type.

So that’s what we will do today. Finding products is easy as far as you know what your skin likes and what it doesn’t besides, the skincare industry already labels your products. But what of habits and products that are not labeled. Even among the labeled ones, which ones are the best?

these tips will also help you when you need to change your skincare routine

We will treat each skin type accordingly;

Oily skin:

how to identify oily skin type
oily skin type: excessive oil production

 Oily skin is characterized by large shiny pores, shiny complexion which might be dull and appearance of blackheads, pimples, and cysts. There are different degrees to it too. You can have oily skin but not a lot of blemishes or your skin can be extremely oily. The reason for the pimples is because too much oil production can clog your pores and pimples and blackheads will start to develop.

•    So also look for non-comedogenic products. They are products that won’t clog your pores.

•    Cleanse your face regularly, but not too much. Because if your skin gets too dry it will produce excess oil which will do more harm than good.

•    Use gentle exfoliate. I will always keep recommending clean and clear products. Especially their scrubs. They are gentle, do the work and are good for daily use. They also don’t dry the skin.

•    Stay away from heavy moisturizers. Moisturizers with milk, oil, and others that are heavyweight. Stick with oil-free products

•    I recommend gel moisturizers especially aloe, body shop has a great range of gel moisturizers

• You can and should use natural oils on your skin. Stay away from castor though, it’s too heavy.

Adding natural oils to your skin will reduce the amount your skin produces. Use the 2-step cleansing routine. In which you use oil first then a normal cleanser

 Combination skin:

how to identify combination skin type

The combination is the most common skin type and tricky to care for. Some people recommend using different types of skincare products at once but I don’t. It’s too difficult and expensive and some products don’t work well with each other so you really need to understand how to care for combination skin.

•    There are skincare lines that have oily-combination skin products and dry—combination. Depending on which one your skin is more inclining towards I think you should stick to them.

•    Don’t wash your face too much and use mild face washed because it can dry out the dry side and make you t-zone produce more oil.

•    Use gentle exfoliants

•    Use light, hydrating face creams.

•    Use wipes and face mists to clean your face during the day

•    Avoid products with alcohol, they tend to dry out the skin a lot

•    You can use some products like different moisturizers on your t-zone and a different one on your cheeks.

  Dry skin:

how to identify dry skin

Dry skin is dull, dry and flaky. It has visible lines and very minimal pores. To care for dry skin you:

•    Use a mild wash, nothing too drying

•    Use rich hydration and moisturizing creams. Creams that last long and lock in moisture

•    Include natural oils in your routine

•    Don’t exfoliate regularly

•    Avoid alcohol and sulfate-based products

•    Use a humidifier when the weather is dry and face steams too are great, especially for softening and hydrating the skin

  Normal skin:

how to identify normal skin type

Your skin is even, hardly get pimples and even when you do they go away quickly. It is the easiest skin to care for and to maintain. The downside though, it ages quickly

•    Stick to products for your skin type

•    Use serums to maintain because it can change due to external factors

•    Don’t pick on pimples just because you’re not used to them

•    Use eye creams

•    Use anti-aging products

•    Maintain your skin.

 Sensitive skin:

how to identify sensitive skin

 Shows a lot of redness, itching, dryness or burning especially when using products. Your sensitivity is due to a reason, try to figure out what it is and stay away from them. make sure you are sure you have sensitive skin though

•    Use only sensitive skin products

•    Choose products based on dermatological recommendations not from blogs or reviews

•    Use lightweight products

•    Stay away from products that have alcohol and sulfates

•    Not all hypoallergenic products are what they say they are

•    Use products with less ingredient

•    Use face masks instead of scrubs

•    Exfoliate once in a month

Now that you know products you should stay away from and ones to use. Here are additional tips for every skin type

•    Stay away from the sun

•    Use sunscreen with at least SPF30

•    Don’t use strong exfoliants

•    Stay away from alcohol and sulfates

•    Always visit your dermatologist

•    Stay hydrated

•    Have a good diet

•    Take foods with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants

•    Exercise

•    Use a serum to target skin concerns

•    Stay away from bad skin habits

•    Don’t smoke or drink

•    Moisturize

•    Use face mists and wiped to feel fresh and hydrated during the day.

These are tips you can do from the outside to help your skin. They may seem a lot but once you start, they become second nature. I really hope this helps. i would like you to avoid these skincare mistakes before you go

If you have any questions, I’ll be in the comments. Don’t forget to pin this

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