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How to increase your Pinterest monthly viewers

If you want to know what I did toincrease my reach on Pinterest and get traffic from it then you’re in the rightplace.

The last week of December, when I decidedto prepare my Pinterest account for my blog, I used the 8 ways to optimize my Pinterestprofile. When I did all of them I had to start pinning, it was the last step anyway.I wanted to track my process so I checked my analytics. I had 480 monthlyviewers. It was sad really but I thought I was going to start from zero. I was goingto do whatever it took to take that number up. A day later my views went up to490. I didn’t know why but then it was a small change.

I had already made group boards soI started pinning. I pinned almost a 100 pins. My goal was to get to 1k monthly viewers before the months end. The next day, I woke up to 1.4k viewers. I went crazy, so I sat and thought about it. 2 days later, I pinned again, a lot then I went up to 3.4k, according to my analytics one of my re-pins got almost 2k impressions.

I figured I was doing something right.What I didn’t like was my followers, started at 11 and had 24 by then. So Ifollowed followers of some influencers in my niche (skincare, self-care, beautyblogging) about 6 followed back, others were new. I had read about how followersdidn’t really matter and that following doesn’t really work, so I left it at that.But as I started following people that actually posted helpful tips, I got morefollowers. I ended the month with 14k viewers.

January goal was to end with 50k viewers. I ended with 81k and 2 days into February I got to 100k monthlyviewers.

The 5 not-so-secret ways of improving your Pinterest monthly views

There is a right and wrong thing to do while pining and despite all the advice, I didn’t stick to all of them. Ididn’t pin consistently and during different times a week. I pinned a lotduring one time. To my boards and group boards. But these 5 things helped:

how to increase pinterest views
  1. Pinning from websites instead of reining: Pin at least 5 pins from websites, it shows Pinterest that you are adding more value to your profile. You can add descriptions and increase the reach of that pin.
  2. Pinning from my home page: Something I’ve noticed is that when I pinned a little from my homepage or when I search for a keyword, it performs better than when I pin from Pinterest more ideas suggestion. Maybe because they already have a great ranking and perform better. But I still pin from more ideas and suggested accounts. Just because someone’s pin isn’t the best doesn’t men their articles aren’t great. We can’t all be on top.
  3. Pinning at the right time. It is said that pins pinned during the evening performbetter, but I think not because there are people from all around the globe so it doesn’t really matter. Except if your whole audience is from a particular time zone then you pin during a time convenient for them.
  4. Pinning consistently: I’ve not yet started pinning daily but I’m getting there, justdon’t spend a whole week without pinning anything
  5. Manualpinning: manual pinning is definitely better than scheduled pinning. Can’texplain the whole algorithm thing but it performs better. There are ton of benefitsto schedule pins tough, especially tailwind. With the tribes and loopingfeature and all. I don’t use tailwind but I plan to in the next few months,even then I will still use manual pinning.

Now how it has affected my traffic?

 Views are not everything, it’s just my first-month blogging and I decided not to promote a lot because I was writing exams that month. It still went great for that. I reached 1k pageviews on 2nd February and more 883 was from Pinterest. Then automatic sharing to Facebook and twitter, plus my friends.

Even though I’m not where I want to be I know can find my way around it and improve my Pinterest game. I want to end this month with 500k because I’ll be trying out new things. But if there’s more progress, I’ll update you on that. How many of you have used tailwind? What can you say about it? I hope this helps really, it has worked

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