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Before you chase your dreams, Read this. *Motivation*

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The only motivation you need to achieve whatever you want in life

So I’m giving you a motivational talk. Aaaaaaaah! I’m soexcited. Okay let me start.

First, motivational talks and quotes are a great way to gainmotivation and inspiration. But they don’t last long. At all, one minute you’refeeling like you can conquer the world, and the next, you’re back to squareone. But one thing it does is that reaches into you. If you feel it, the thereis something you want to do. So look for motivation in fields similar to yourgoal, from people you admire. They will make more meaning. And you will feelmore motivated. Remember, your motivation is in your determination.

Most people in this life including, you and I, most peopledon’t figure out their purpose. All they do is dream and at the end they don’tget that car, that house, that job, those clothes, that money, all the thingsthey want. Because they’re afraid of taking their shot at life, that one thingthat makes everything else possible.

Most people therefore, stick to the rules and do what theirsupposed to,  they just follow the norm,they do things because their supposed to, go to school like their supposed to,go to college, get that job, get married and have kids all because theirsupposed to, not because they want to or it helps then in anyway. But you don’twant that. You’re tired of living like that, and want to change it. So thefirst step is to ask yourself who set those rules, who is that person tellingyou what you should do and why are you listening to them?

You want to get something done so you ask people. You tellthem your dream and then ask them what you should do about it. Tell me havethey accomplished what you want to? I guess not. But they still guide youbecause they are responsible for you. So what does that do? It limits yourviews and holds you back. They don’t share the same vision with you so the paththey see and tell you to take is wrong for you. Everyone around you those. Youshould ask for pointers yes but never what you should do. So if you want to begreat at something, ask someone that has done it before, someone that sharesyour passion.

There are things you will have to figure out yourself. Thereare things you want to do that no one has ever done, so trial and error is whatis going to happen, just don’t give up. Especially not when someone tells youto.

So decide whose life you’re going to live, yours or theirs?Believe that you have enough of what it takes to pursue your dream. It’s justabout starting and everything else comes to you. So stop listening to people,the haters, the pessimists the people that love you but just don’t have thesame vision. 

how to quit your job and follow your passion

Then you’re looking for motivation. You don’t needmotivation, you need discipline and vision. You need a reason. Some motivationalquotes move you so much you see yourself great but give it some time and bahm!You’re back to where you used to be. So when you have a good enough reason, youremember that reason and that is enough to move you, to motivate you to do whatyou want.

If you want to a great life, do something great. But startsmall, you always have to start at the beginning, before anyone was great, theywere at the beginning. What will be your beginning?

Trust yourself and your mind to guide you. Become the best versionof yourself, change your surroundings, your friends, make a routine and stickto it, listen to yourself. If you’re doing what you like nothing will stop you.Your friends and family will always be there waiting for you, proud of you.Whatever it is its worth a try.

So take your life, no more excuses, your motivation is your passion and it’s the passion we feel, see and hear in those motivational talks that makes us motivated. So you’re you, it’s your dream, if you can dream it you can do it. You’ll get that house, that car, lose that weight, start that program, and start that blog and everything else you want.

Say it. I am ‘that dream you want to achieve’. If you wantit, then it’s yours. Affirmations are a great booster. Saying ‘I am confident,I am successful, I am beautiful, I am fear less, I am equipped, I amdiscipline, I can do anything I put my mind do’, if you said this out loud thenyou already feel it. do it every morning and night. Envision where you want tobe and work there.

Challenges are a price you have to pay to achieve greatness.Take pride in them. Fall 7 times and get up 8. You’re unstoppable now.

Now go, it’s your chance to change the world.

how to achieve your dreams

Thank you for reading this. I hope it helps.

some pictures to show you what you could have when all those dreams come true.

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how to quit your job and follow your passion

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