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self care for mental health

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Mental health Care box DIY guide that will tell you all self care items you need in your self care box, what to put in a depression box and what to put in an anxiety self care kit.

You know those days in which you had a lot to do but didn’t feel like doing anything?

Have you had a day that you felt all the energy sucked out of you?

Have you had days that you felt like you were a lone no one will understand you and what you feel?

Have you had days that you had people around you but didn’t feel like anyone cared, even if the did you pushed them a way?

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Have you had days that you felt your life couldn’t get any worse, that there was nothing you could tdo to feel better? You felt hopeless?

And are tired of ways that tell you how to get out of your anxious state or phase as if it’s something you can control? Well so do I.

The best thing from a victim of anxiety and some episodes of depression is to live through it, I still believe there are lesson that we can get from depression though and it’s to take things slow.

There are also objects that can make you live through it and reduce the feeling.

In this article, I have compiled a self-care kit which you can tweak to your preferences. This box should not be touched on other days than days you are depressed because it will lose its purpose. To make this box should not be when you are in the state, it should be when yo are in a normal state since there are a lot of factors to consider.

self care for mental health

Here are 12 items you must have in your mental health care box:

1.      Self-care item #1: Blanket

The first thing you need is comfort. Those feelings weigh a ton and they could break you as a person. Blankets are the most comforting thing ever, for most people, if it’s not for you, get what works for you.


It helps to keep warm and hug yourself, to feel safe. That’s what I do every single time.  For a few minutes lay down and try not to think of anything, I let myself feel it instead of fighting it.

2.      Self-care item #2: Journal


A journal to write down your thoughts. It not a very creative time but you need to let your feelings out somehow. When you do that, the next time you read that journal and all the emotions you felt, will remind you of how hard it was but you still made it out, it’ll comfort you and you wouldn’t feel so hopeless

3.      Self-care item #3: A happy memory

photo album

Maybe a photo album, or just one photo of you, a place and the most important people in your life. During a rut we disconnect with our emotions, ourselves, and the people around us which makes us feel as if we are a lone and no one cares.

When you feel that memory, it’s easier to reconnect with the good thing around you.

4.      Self-care item #4: Flash cards


Flash cards are great to remembering short bits of information. When you’re in an anxiety or depressed mode, or a burnout it’s really hard to process information.

These flashcards though rather contain quotes, motivational quotes, or inspiring quotes. You’re favorite.

Sure, you might not feel that rushed you normally feel immediately, but when it’s just starting out, it’ll make you feel a lot better, it’ll make you look forward to something, a goal and a dream, and looking forward to it will make you strive harder to faster to that goal

5.      Self-care item #5: A scented candle or perfume

scented candle

Scents make everything better. They trigger different moods and you have to find the right perfume for you or a favorite candle. Dim the lights and enjoy the peaceful serenity.

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6.      Self-care item #6: A skincare mask and face mist

face mask

A skincare mask or a face mist provide an instant coolness and relief, and instantly lift your mood, it brings back life and hydration to your skin.

7.      Self-care item #7: A letter to yourself

self care letters

Do this after you are out of the depressed state, the letter you write will empathize with you and provide the comfort that you so gladly refuse from others.

Click here to download the 7 FREE self care letter templates



8.      Self-care item #8: A bottle of water:

water bottle

Hydration is key. Dehydration will make you feel a lot worse and especially since food might not be appealing, keep a cool bottle of water and you won’t feel so dead anymore

9.      Self-care item #9: A book

self care book

Depending on your preferences, whether it’s a novel, an eBook, a self-help book, or even a children’s book, anything that will take your mind to another reality, nothing that will stress you out though, keep a book inside your mental health care box.

10.  Self-care item #10: A playlist


There are a lot of soothing music used during yoga, meditation or just song. Pick songs that will calm you down and stir up a better emotion. Don’t listen to sad songs, you’ll just absorb more sadness into you

11.  Self-care item #11: A movie

a movie

Still on taking off our mind of things and not having the energy to do something productive, I like to watch movies, or a series, happy movies to feel better, it’s the best way for me to distress, and if swimming is your jam, or drawing, do that.

12.  Self-care item #12: A self-care kit

Self care kit

There are premade self-care kits with mugs, essential oils, basically, things that make you take care of yourselves in a minimal way that’s not a lot of work but still makes you a priority in your own life.

The most helpful for me being the Essential oils. I’ve always believed in Natural remedies and what’s more natural than you taking control of making them suit your body and mental health needs.

You can also help your friends and family annd reduce trips to the doctors. The way to harnessing the knowledge is ovbiously trainings and online course.

But what if, you can get all the best online courses that will guide to to use herbs and essentials oils to improve you and your family’s mental health, to help you create your own skincare products and live a less plastic life for

In form of:

4 eBooks, 4 printables and an eCourse on Esssential oils

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 10 eBooks on Beauty; and

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Over $700 worth of the best materials on the internet, for just $37 + 4 surprise bonuses.

All the bonuses included in the bundle

If you love essential oils like me or you want to try them out, get this Herb’s and Essential oils Bundle right now!

Like these free Self-care letters templates you can grab here.

Or you can take control of everything that goes in it. The perfect way to do that is by getting yourself familiar with the use of herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy and skin care and how they can elp your body, increase relaxation, improve mental health, etc.

You can get all those recipies and guides right now by purchasing the herbs and essential oils bundles.

I Hope these tips helped and you will create your own Self-care kit to help with your anxiety, depression, and skin care.

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